• Jerry Hetrick

Don't Lock Your Focus

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

When taking photos of a sunrise or sunset it’s easy to lock your focus on the horizon, at the point of the sun. The sun's arrival or disappearance happens within minutes, colors and atmospheric characteristics constantly change. To capture the scene requires focused attention. However, once you have your settings, angle and vision of the scene; take time to absorb everything happening in the changing light. A good sunrise or sunset photo is a beautiful thing, but they are common. It’s rare that I take a photo at this time of day by myself. Many people have similar captures. The unique photos come when you break your focus from the common scene and notice what the light is doing around you.

These two photos illustrate what I'm talking about, the first photo is of the sun rising over Balboa pier, but the more interesting image is the second photo taken when I looked back over my shoulder and turned the camera around.

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