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Updated: Feb 8

I was working in the garage, organizing art supplies and came across a tablet of watercolor paper. I've always wanted to explore painting with watercolor, but haven't taken the time. I held the paper and wished I'd tried, but felt as though I'd squandered so much time. I've enjoyed a full career of graphic design and photography, but I've always liked the idea of painting in watercolor. That's the deal with ideas, isn't it, without action they stay bottled in one's mind or slowly fade away.

I noticed a flower in the bright sunlight casting a defined shadow. I held the paper behind the flower and wondered about recreating the flower in watercolor, I grabbed my camera. With no special lighting, I simply snapped a few quick shots of the flower and the shadow. I liked how it looked and started thinking, what if I can make a painting with an actual flower?

I poked a small hole in the paper and put the flower stem into the hole. I then picked up a brush, dipped it in water, dabbed some paint and splashed it onto the paper over the flower. The photo below is of that flower. It is crude, a simple splattering of a single color and a flower. However, that was the inspiration to explore the idea.

In subsequent days and weeks the idea rattled in my head. Ideas can only become reality if they trigger an action. I began to play around with flowers, paint and lighting in my photo studio. After several tries, I began to move the idea from my head into reality. That's what art is, in my estimation, turning the imagery in one's mind into a reality that others can experience. Below is a photograph I took of a bird-of-paradise placed on watercolor paper and painted.

I enjoy the journey from idea to reality, the challenge of solving the puzzle. Below is another piece I painted and photographed using real flowers. I call this, "A Love Story." both of these pieces are available in the gallery section of this website under "From My Studio."

Thank you for visiting and I hope this helps inspire you to move your ideas into reality. Have an outrageous day!


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